Over 30 years experience in software development

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 ERP software for trade

 ERP software for business

 Software for manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

 Software for customer service

 Software for financial accounting



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Over 30 years experience

 In-house software development

 Prompt and efficient customer service

 On-site service 

 Multilingual ERP software

 Access via PC or Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone

ERP software wincraft

ERP Software wincraft
ERP Software wincraft combines quotations, order processing, invoicing, machinery management, repair and maintenance and financial accounting into a powerful IT solution.

Training and advice


We offer a comprehensive service to our customers. Take part in our intensive seminars to make your workflow more efficient, accountable und analytical.


App Development

App Development

We advise you from the idea to the implementation and program the app according to your ideas. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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